Saturday, August 24, 2019

20mm Indian Allies

With a game of Rebels and Patriots looming at the club, I found myself short of troops and bereft of Indian Allies for my 1812 British. Irregular Miniatures made a fast shipment after I could not lay my hands on any decent 1/72 plastics (Italeri's great set is out of production apparently).

Fortunately, these fellows are a quick paint. A few layers, a dip and some sealer and we were done.

I've no idea what is going on with the eye on the guy on the left below. I would guess a bubble in the sealer? He looks a little Marty Feldman. No one noticed on the table, though.

These Irregular 20mm figures fit in pretty well with the 1/72 plastics I have. And they did yeoman work in the game I hosted last Tuesday.

Up next: The Battle of Pork Rind


Paul´s Bods said...

Nice. I wondered how the Mohawks at irregular would measure up to General 1/72nd.

Bob Barnetson said...