Saturday, January 19, 2019

Memoir and War Rockets at the club

We had six guys out at the club on Tuesday. Scott hosted Chen, Dan and Terry in a game of War Rockets. This was also the club debut of Scott's Valkyrie fleet (pink ships).

The gist, I gather, was Team Pink had to subdue a freighter (maybe the yellow ship?) while the other two (smaller teams) ran interference (successfully, as it turns out). A super pretty game!

Taylor and I ended up plating some Memoir 44. We started on Sword Beach and the Jerries tried to drive Team Redwing back into the sea.

Taylor made a slow but steady advance, cleaning out the main bunker I held while winnowing down my forces. Then he played a dastardly card and grabbed a city and won the game!

A bad day for the Hun. There was some levity as a Sherman turned tail and ran and was chased by three panzer down onto the beach. This "Rommel" maneuver did not play out to conclusion before the game ended.

We then set up Omaha beach with its nasty set of cliffs.

Taylor was very aggressive with his tanks, constantly pulling my infantry out of position and threatening the towns (which were victory points).

He had no cards for his right flank so a lot of guys just hung out in the surf while we duelled on his left and in the middle.

Eventually I managed to thin out his tanks and knock off enough units for a win. So probably a draw overall on victory points.

A fun pair of games. Not the best rendered WW2 game I have ever played but it has virtually no rules to keep track of and we ran through two full games in about 90 minutes.

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