Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Terrain and trucks

I finished off some 28mm pieces I picked up at Red Claw a few weeks ago. These add a bit of mad-scientist/evil vampire terrain to my collection.

First up is a cage and torture rack plus two piles of chain. The cage come apart and you can get a figure inside it.

I also picked up a mirror, some end tables, a desk and a crow on a bird stand.

The detail on these is pretty amazing. The mirror even knows to not reflect the vampire!

I took trip to a local flea market. I didn't see much there but I did pick up two old tractor-trailer units. These should add some additional LOS blocks to the warehouse district of Gotham. They were pretty new and shiny looking so I made them a touch grittier.

They are too small for 28mm figures (more 1/87 than 1/64) but they fit in reasonably well with the HO-scale terrain I have been using.

These HO-scale cars are a pretty decent match. Sorry my camera hates the colour red so much--the cab is not this eye-searing in person.

Up next: Working on some 54mm cavalry still.

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