Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dragon Rampant at the club

Tuesday was club night and we had there games running. Chen and Scott played some Dropfleet Commander. The minis were impressive, but not as impressive as Scott's cursing!

Bruce hosted some Pulp Alley using his wild-west set up with Terry and Richard playing.

I ran of game of Dragon Rampant using one 15mm-ish Battledore troops. The scenario was "run like hell" where one side must move troops from the lefts side of the table to the right, while being ambushed from the top and bottom. The table set-up was simple.

I brought enough troops for four player but, in the end, Taylor and I each played with five units. The dwarves rolled low and were the ambushes. Here their highland cattle and bear cavalry ride forth...

...and meet some hungry trolls and their goblin allies. A crazy melee ensued with trolls chasing cavalry and things looking super bad for the dwarves.

Then the dice came around it was an even game. A bad move by the dwarves saw a unit of pike pop while attacking into the woods. Eventually, the troll was able to grind down the dwarf crossbowmen and that was that.

We switched sides and against the dwarves had a tough go. The goblins greased two units on the north side of the board: some cattle and some spears.

The dwarves then began pushing the southern edge, hoping to even things up while the goblins got re-organized and manoeuvred.

Here, some tough bear cavalry pushes hard against a troll, who would eventually run.

A grinding war of attrition eventually saw a retreating group of goblin fanatics as the last unit on the table as some dwarves spectacularly failed a command roll and fled.

That gave me a few minutes to watch some cowboy action.

Back home, Jess and I played two games of Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. I finished a collection of Lovecraft stories last week so was keen to see how the game incorporated the thematic elements.

We had one sharp loss (total nightmare) and then barely won the second game.

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