Sunday, June 4, 2017

54mm AWI militia

After a much needed break, I'm back at painting 54mm troops for my Tricorne project. One of the challenges of AWI is the need for lots of militia!

These six fellows are a mix of manufacturers (I've painted the poses above in 1/72-scale as well).

To make this go a bit faster, I'm painting figures in batches of six. This allows me to adopt a pallet of colours (blue and buckskin in this case). When mixed in with other batches using different colour pallets, the result is the mix-and-match look I want for the units.

I've momentarily lost track of which set of militia this is, but I'm guessing rifled militia based on the gun lengths.

Up next: Tuesday is club night and I'll bring out some CCA. Then back to more 54s.


wcw said...

what size are the bases and what are they made out of ?

Bob Barnetson said...

The bases are 1.25 inches per side and are wooden. Not sure of manufacturer. I have run out of them and my supplier closed so I have been fabricating additional bases from thick vinyl floor tile.