Saturday, May 20, 2017

More 25mm Star Trek

Continuing with my 25mm Star Trek painting, I finished off a dozen Klingons from Space Vixens from Mars. These are TMP or TNG Klingons rather than TOS Klingons. Finding alien races is generally hard and the one set of TOS Klingons I found (from Victory Force Games) I've decided to use as Romulans.

A second reason I chose these figures is that they had a good mix of male and female figures (important when gaming with daughter). I see now that the edge of the bases could use a tidy with some black paint.

I'm pretty happy with the results given I wanted to try a more monochromatic colour scheme. Not sure why the picture below shows the guy on the left with such a mushy face (he's fine in person).

Here they are with some 25mm Trek crew from 1st Corp. The Klingons are more like 28mm but the extra height isn't a huge deal (they're aliens!). They should work well as matched forces for Pulp Alley.

Up next: I might get back to some 54mm AWI as I await the delivery of the Romulans.

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