Saturday, June 10, 2017

June 6 club night

We had a dozen guys out to the club this week, which was a goo turn out. Chatter was about a change in venue in the fall due to a rent increase (new venue TBD).

There was couple of games of 28mm sci-fi skirmish (Armageddon?) as well as some Memoir 44.

There was a lovely looking game of Star Wars Armada. Oh, I wish I could convince myself that this is worth the money. Beautiful models.

Scott, Terry and I played some CCA Spartans v Athenians. I haven't played many of the scenarios in the sixth expansion and this one had a fun mechanic.

Above is the set-up. Below the Athenian ambush has been sprung (to the doom of the Spartans in both plays). A fun game with a hoplite rule as well.

Up next: Either some 54mm AWI or some 25mm Romulans. And maybe gaming with Bruce.

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