Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some Woodland Indian Allies for the British

I continued to whittle away at the large pile of unpainted AWI British I picked up from All the King's Men. These are 54mm plastic figures (from Armies in Plastic) which represent woodland Indians.

I got through half of the bunch I bought this week and will work on the rest later on. These were nice enough figures but, like all hard plastic, they don't have the undercuts that you get in metal figures so you have to paint your over some big areas of excess plastic.

I debated whether to carve off the integral bases in order to put them on the 1.25" square bases I have been using for the rest of the figures. Since the point of uniform bases is to rank them and the Indians wouldn't have fought formed, I decided to was easier to go with the integral bases (which are big enough that the figures are quite stable).

Up next: I'm working on some British lights and i'm off to play a bit more Fire on the Lake with Bruce on Tuesday.


  1. Beautiful job, great details and colors...

  2. Thanks--nice figures. And a nice change to paint things that are not perfectly uniform across a dozen figures!

  3. Is it wrong that after reading this I want to watch last of the Mohicans? No it can't be, cue the VHS

  4. VHS? Is that one of those combo tape-players and time-machines?