Thursday, January 1, 2015

54mm AWI American cannon

As promised, the first post of the new year are the remaining 54mm AWI Americans: a siege gun and crew. Apologies for the glare in the photos--the light was funny when I was snapping these.

This is a large siege gun with four crew and two command figures. I haven't yet figured out what to put in the hands of the fellows in the vests.

The models come with buckets and a ramrod for the gun. The ramrod looks good but seems to break off the models more easily that the buckets. So likely buckets with the ramrod laying on the ground?

Up next: I'm working on 54mm British regulars and hope to have them finished this weekend. It is also club night on Tuesday and I have a CCA game ready to go.


Springinsfeld said...

Looking very fine....just venturing into this scale in a big way so always pleased to see 54mm figures.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. These are quite fun to paint, although they take longer than 6 or 15 or 20 mm!