Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 6 EWG Club Night

We had 14 guys and six games running last night at the club, which was an awesome turn out given the cold and it being the first week back after the holidays. There were three games of Warmachine underway, which was nice to see. 

Scott and I managed to get in six games of Commands & Colors Ancients. We started with Telamon, which sees a Gaul army (green) trapped between two Roman armies (red). Both games saw swirling cavalry fights on the right to contest the hills. The Gauls in the middle got crunched.

The second game was Clastidium, which pits a force of Roman lights and horse against Gaulish auxilia, lights and warband. Both games saw the Romans win with a mixture of shooting and cavalry charges. Scott's time as Roman commander was particularly devastating as he came around the right flank and wrapped things up in about 12 minutes!

Finally, we played Arausio. This is a straight-up fight. In the first game, the Romans had some lucky cards and moved their battle line up to pound the Germanic tribes. In the second game (below), the Germans advanced, chewed the edges of the Romans and then the Roman centre had some lousy dice and folded up. I think I'm good on CCA for awhile!

Dave hosted Chen and Phil in a 6mm modern game using the epic rules. Russian hordes crossed the border and swarmed a NATO battle group. There were some unlucky moments for NATO!

And finally Bruce hosted a game of Look Sarge, No Charts Napoleonics. Below you can see Bruce's left flank (top of photo) has fallen back to his baseline. I think that pretty much tells the tale.

Up next: I am working on some 54mm Indian Allies. Hopefully they will be done this weekend!

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