Wednesday, April 23, 2014

X-wing and TC Tennis

Bruce and I played a pair of games last night. I brought out X-wing. Lord Vader immediately shot Luke down and then I had to try to even things up with my remaining  Y-wing!

In the end, it came down to effectively a draw and after several rounds, we decided to call it a game. Bruce is cagey behind the controls of a Tie fighter!

Bruce picked up a tennis game from Victory Force games on the weekend. Interesting simulation of tennis--you play cards and build towards a big volley in order to gain points to win the set. Lots of colour. Not sure I'd be keen to play this very regularly--interesting mechanics but not as fun as playing tennis.

Up next: A rainy day means more basing at lunch so back to the 18th century I go. first up some Indians and then the British. I also need to get a bunch of MayDay auction stuff organized and labelled. Bruce donated two 15mm DBA armies and a 1/72-scale Maurice army.

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