Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Twilight Struggle

Bruce and I played our first game of Twilight Struggle last night. Wow. Kind of like 1960: The Making of a President on speed. So many choices. Such crappy cards to select among! This is a game that has a lot of replayability.

In the end, Bruce won decisively with the Soviets. I just couldn't keep up to him and switched strategies about half way through to my detriment. We learned a lot about the rules (played a few wrong!) and 2.5 hours just vanished. I was wondering why I was tired on the drive home!

Up next: Some more 1/72-scale Germans.


Scott M said...

This must be the new board as it looks cosmetically different than mine. Wow, you let the Soviets rampage through South America.Ouch! I find that the key to being good at this game is being able to manage your opponents cards that are in your hand.

daveb said...

Definitely a great game. GMT games tend to eat up lots of time, but the card driven event mechanics are quite clever.

Unknown said...

If it is the number one on boardgamegeek there must be a reason :)