Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's a Small World after all

We had a dozen guys out at the club for our last night before our MayDay convention on May 3. Michael kindly brought out Small World and taught Bruce and I how to play. Well, Bruce learned how to play--I just bumbled along, losing both games badly... . A fun game with lots of replay ability--I wonder if there is an iPad version for faculty council meetings...?

Dave brought out some Hail Caesar and Scott's team won a game. I presume Scott was not allowed to roll, touch or otherwise look at the dice.

There were also a pair of Warmachine games.

Our next club night is Tuesday, May 6th. Alas, kids' soccer prevents me from attending (unless it rains like a bastard).

Up next: I have some 1/72-scale late Roman cavalry from MiniArt underway. Not really my favourite set--the sculpting seems different from other sets. Lots of mail to paint. Meh. After that, who knows.

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