Friday, April 25, 2014

Some rebased AWI/1812 Indians

Last night I finished rebasing about 50 1/72-scale Indians for my AWI and War of 1812 armies. These are (mostly) Italeri indians.

The non-musket-armed fellows likely aren't appropriate for 1812 and everyone is a bit too buckskin for 1812 but they will do in a pinch (since no better figures are available as far as I can tell).

I also did a pair of command bases. The British troops are mostly rebased and I'm now working on sanding and flocking them.

Up next: Some British over the weekend. I have also finished organizing all of the lots I have for the MayDay auction. There are a tonne of 15mm lots, including unpainted moderns, renaissance, Naps, SYW/FIW, colonials, and Byzantines. There is also a painted DBM army, a painted DBA army, a painted Maurice army (in 1/72-scale), some 28mm buildings and a copy of Star Trek Fleet Captains. Since others can bring their stuff to the door, it should be a good auction!


24_Cigarettes said...

Wow you're quite the workhorse I can't believe the amount of work you turn out regularly.
I've got some natives to paint up how did you go about the skin?

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks for your note. I primed these guys black and then did a "wet" dry brush with a carmel colour to put down a base tone. I then did a proper dry brush with my usual flesh tone to put some highlights on the heads, shoulders and upper arms. Then (after painting the rest of the figure), I hit it with a brown/black wash carried by with some future floor wax to give the flesh a bit of sheen.

Bob Barnetson said...

Hmmm. Looking at the pictures, I may actually have skipped the flesh-coloured dry brush on these guys and just let the wash create the highlights.

24_Cigarettes said...

Cheers thanks