Sunday, February 21, 2010

15mm Saracen Command

I managed to finish off three bases of Saracen command plus one base of heavy cavalry, thus completing the mounted contingent of this army.

Below you can see the figure I think is Saladin.

And from the back, you can see the very nice deep detail on the Legio Heroica figures.

These guys looks a little blah so I added some big banners.

I'm not sure if they need a highlight on the banner--probably. I also worry I will cack it up when I start to highlight.

I also knocked off 14 bases of 6mm AWI continentals. I have a couple of more bases to do then this rebasing task is finished.

Except maybe a need a few more guys for the scearios I want to do... .

Up next: A short vacation. Then back to deal with the 15mm foot troops to accompany Saladin against the invaders. Plus maybe some 1/72 Indians.


  1. Been a busy boy, Bob! Nice saracens.

  2. Thanks Phil; yes, pointing in front of the olympics has boosted my productivity. I just ordered a bunch of flags for my Baccus AWI fellows so they should be good and ready to go by convention time in May. Now onto the terrain for Freeman's Farm.

  3. Very nice

    The detail you get on those 15mm Saracens is incredible

  4. All thanks to nice sculpts and the dip.