Sunday, November 29, 2009

2010 Plans?

With the faculty party over and the house restored to order, I spent most of this morning moving several groups of figures to completion (last of the Gondor LotR for Tuesday's game, finished painting a bunch of 15mm dwarves) and looking about the hobby room. It seems to me I have four things that I would like to accomplish in 2010:

1. I need to complete the rebasing of my 6mm armies to 80mm frontages. I have only the ancient pike stands and my AWI armies to complete. This should go quickly once I get motivated.

2. I have a large collection of 15mm DBA armies in the paint pile or en route. Most of these are meant to be painted and sold to fund a pool table (really a war gaming table but one has to spin things sometimes when facing down the Minister of Finance...). There are two republican Roman armies, orcs, barbarians, several more ancients en route (Egyptians, Hittites, more Romans, Vikings). I also have put away Pict and Anglo-Danish armies for myself. And a friend from Ontario is shipping me some Saracens to paint up. These are all nice because they are so manageable--10 days of solid work ad they are done.

3. I have a growing collection of 25mm plastic (still in the box). I think there is enough here to do some very large DBA armies. Not sure why I need ancient Romans and Celts in both 6mm and 25mm... . But sometimes a cool diversion is nice.

4. The 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 starts in two and a bit years. I was thinking this would be an interesting project, with some magazine articles about the battles, about collecting the figures (maybe in 1/72) and converting Basic Impetus. LIkely this is a project for 2011, though.

Next up: 15mm dwarves should be based up tonight. And some 1/72 Gondor heavy infantry. And club is Tuesday so I'd better that scenario worked out!

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Kevin Barrett said...

Looking forward to the Tuesday game, Bob.