Saturday, November 21, 2009

1/72 RingWraith

One of the challenges with trying to do Lord of the Rings in 1/72 is the absence of evil 'heroes' such as Sarumon and Ringwraiths. A wizard I can carve out of the Caesar Adventurers pack, but the Ringwraith is tougher. As a solution, I picked up a 25mm mounted skeleton from RAFM. He's a big bit but perhaps that reflects his stature?

The problem with this figure is that the sculptor has molded mist (or maybe smoke?) streaming from the figure. That basically looks like crap. So I painted it up like mist and then tried to use some cotton to enhance the mist streaming behind the figure by increasing its granularity.

The effect in person is better than the picture, but it still isn't right--perhaps I should have greyed up the cotton some before attaching it.

Anyhow, done is done at this point!

Next up: Some 1/72 Gondor horse and archers. And some 15mm Brits (eventually!).


Mad Carew said...

Wow thats nice Bob. RAFM?

Bob Barnetson said...

They distribute it; not sure who ultimately makes it.

Auston Jeff Butler said...

That ringwraith looks cool!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks kindly! I'm still not sold but done is done, sometimes!