Saturday, May 1, 2021

Cobra troopers

Awhile back, I'd painted up two Pulp Figures figures as Cobra Commander and Destro. The problem was finding minions for them to command. A good option looked like these guys from Victory Force Miniatures but they never responded to me. 

I was cruising through Pulp Figures catalogue and, on a lark, looked at their German Jet Troopen. Minus the jet packs and these guys looked pretty much the part. 

The helmets are perhaps a bit too coal scuttle and the weapons are obvious WW2. But Cobra always struck me as proxy Nazis anyhow.

I painted this squad with red masks, which is what I remembers from the cartoon. I just free-handed a quasi-Cobra logo on the armoured plating. I think they'll do a pulp era baddies.

Up next: Some more Cobra

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