Saturday, February 20, 2021

28mm Cops and Cobra

I found a bunch of Pulp Alley figures in my stocking at Christmas and started to paint some of them up. 

First up are some denizens of the Precinct house. I think I got the cops colours to match but I see my wash on the new figures was a bit heavier.

There are also some customers. Apologies for the soft focus. Great sculpts.

I also had a package of various villains. Two looks a lot like character from the old GI Joe cartoon I used to watch after school. Cobra always struck me a proxy-Nazis and I thought these guys might work in a pulp environment. 

While character figures are no problem, the only proxies I can fid for Cobra troopers and from Victory Force Miniatures. But I have had no luck getting a response from them.

Up next: Maybe some more pulp figures.

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