Saturday, September 21, 2019

Last of the Ghostbusters

So I finished off the Ghostbuster box painting this week.

This batching included the four ghostbusters plus the bad guy (Vee-Ger or Gozer? I can't recall). So-so figures for the ghostbusters. A bit cartoonish and with limited raised detail.

They fit in okay with 28 and 25mm figures. The Ecto-1 is was under-scale (like 1/64 figures with a 1/87 car).

But the Ecto-1 fits in nicely with the other HO-scale vehicles I have so that is just fine.

Need to think through a Hallowe'en-themed game to use these with. I have some odds and ends on the painting table with a bunch of zombies ready to start for Zombtober.

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