Saturday, July 20, 2019

Ireland and Gaming

So the family took holiday to Ireland. We didn't see much gaming related (although I did stop in a few game shops in Cork including on really cool, old model shop), but there were some things that touched on gaming.

For example, I was surprised to find Guinness Hitler during a tour of the brewery in Dublin (seems off brand, somehow).

There was also this cool mural in Dundalk.

We took a tour of the town of Carlingford. The ruins of King John's castle were close for renovation.

The town had lots of other medieval buildings though, including this merchant's manor house.

On the west and south coasts, we saw a few castles, including (below) Blarney castle.

I managed to get out to the club despite my rather messed up clock this week. Terry hosted me in game of Imperial Settlers.

Chen and Brandon played some Kings of War. Chen brought out his dwarf war dogs, which were very nice models.

Terry slaughtered me at Imperial Settlers (total rout).

And I left before the KoW game really got going.

I spent yesterday finishing up some Ware of 1812 rebasing after finding a tub of static grass in a box.

These foot include some Canadian irregulars (above) and militia (below).

I also found enough for three units of British regulars. I plan to run a test game with Bruce this coming week before bringing this out of the club.

I'm present rebasing a few US cavalry and I had to order some Indian allies from Irregular as I think I sold my plastics with my AWI figures and the good Italeri set is OOP.

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Terry Silverthorn said...

Imperial Settlers wasn't a total slaughter.. we were neck & neck for most of it.