Saturday, July 13, 2019

Few commission D&D pieces

A fellow asked me to paint four D&D miniatures for him. I managed to finish two before heading out on holidays.

First up is a human fighter with a flaming sword. Grey primer, block paint (with a bit of wet-on-wet) followed by a wash and seal.

The sword looks better in person than it does in the picture (camera struggles with red tones, it seems).

Second dude is a human fighter in fancy mail.

Same technique minus the wet-on-wet. Good details so the wash really popped it.

I also took the chance to base one of my own figures (RAFM Cthulhu) that I had painted awhile back but lost track of before completion.

The WizKids figures are really nice to work with. I have two elf warriors presently underway and I hope to finish them up in the coming week.

After than, I need to finish my 1812 rebasing (just need to get some static grass on).

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