Sunday, April 28, 2019

1812 rebasing

No gaming for me this week but I did manage to finish a tonne of rebasing. These are older 1/72-scale War of 1812 guys guy I had on multi-figure bases.

I wanted to move them to individual bases so I could play some new Osprey rules that are out for North America. First up at 80 or so US foot soldiers.

I have a bunch of mounted left to do. I also have some cannons that are half done (ran out of washers!).

I also rebased a bunch of militia. These are a grab-bag of mostly older figures, including a bunch of Airfix confederates. These seem have taken more damage to their paint jobs over time.

There are several units of this guy (doing the "juke box hero" pose).

There are some of there figures mixed in. I think these guys with the top has were from a US-Mexico War set (Alamo?).

Then there are some Italeri, including this guy from an AWI set. He's wisely hiding behind a fur tree.

I pulled the British and Canadian troops off the shelf to start debasing them in anticipation of a run to the washer store this week.

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