Saturday, April 13, 2019

Congo Gulch

Bruce invited me over to playtest his western adaptation of Congo. The scenario was two forces trying to capture a stage coach full of loot.

The stage coach had no horses so has to be dragged from the centre of the table to the corner.

I don't recall the details of the mechanics of Congo perfectly, but I think the two main changes had to do with casting fear on an opponent (that action became a rally action) and the effect of the monkey stress token (causing 1d3 bug-out tests).

We had a large and bloody rumble on the left side of the table where the outlaws gunned down the townies. I played poorly but got lucky.

Over on the right, the Mounties pinned down the outlaws while some townies dragged the wagon towards the bank.

It came down to the last turn. I managed to wipe out all our Bruce's forces but Bruce managed to get away with the wagon, giving him a victory!

Overall, pretty fun with lots of difficult decisions.

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