Friday, May 25, 2018

Freeman's Farm in 54mm

Taylor dropped by Thursday night for a quick game of C&C Tricorne and I selected the Freeman's Farm scenario based on the troops I had painted up (need to paint more cannon!)

Basically there are two lines that start within musket range and a tonne of trees.

The British look more powerful, with cannon in the middle, grenadiers on the right and Hessians on the left. The rebels have a concerning amount of militia in the middle of their line.

Our game saw a lot of action on the American left. After some shooting, the Americans were driven back.

So I reformed a refusal in the hope of winning elsewhere before the British grenadiers could get to me.

There was then a serious tussle in the middle and some inspired card play by Taylor. This was followed by shite rolling by me and three units of militia routed in one round! This left me with lots of room to maneuver in the centre... .

At this point it was 6-0 for the British (more bad rout rolls) and the game ended at 7 so it was time to take some risks. So I rushed a unit forward with a general attached and just started meleeing my way through his line (the Liberty or Union flag is my hero unit).

Suddenly, it was 6-5 for the British and I was back in it!

The battle on the left disintegrated into a swirling fight among the trees.

Taylor then advanced his grenadiers and regulars on the left and it became a desperate right between a small number of units. I was all set to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat but crapped out and lost a unit during a battle back!

A well fought 7-5 win for the British. Good lord, do militia suck!


BigLee said...

Fantastic miniatures and a great looking game. Not often you see 54mm used to game with (well not in my circle anyway) but its worth it.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. I think they are pretty fun, especially in such a colourful period. Downside is weight (hard to transport), cost, and painting time. But very fun. Sad that All the King's Men has ceased operations. Good news is that expansion of Tricorne has been announced so I'm off to source some figures to paint up as French.

tim said...

The 54mm minis do look fabulous!

Duc de Gobin said...

Fantastic stuff. I love 54mm.