Saturday, May 13, 2017

25mm Star Trek

I recently picked up from new not-Trek crew figures from 1st Corp Miniatures for use with Pulp Heroes. What I really liked about this set was that the women were all armed and active (versus the arm candy poses of the set from Matakishi's Tea House.

I painted up the dozen crew I bought using TOS colours. The uniforms looked a lot more like the ones from The Cage so I decided to not do the black trim at the neck. I already have an Enterprise crew; these folks must be from another ship with slightly different specs.

I tried to add some diversity by varying the skin tones and also putting a couple of Andorians on the crew (couldn't be bothered with antenna). Also, most of the women ended up as red shirt security detail (as per one of the episodes in The Animated Series that Jess and I are finishing up).

Below I tried some comparison shots of the Matakishi and 1st Corp figures. Both have their attractions.

Up next: Some Klingons and more Pandemic Legacy.

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