Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Hessians are coming!

I'm continuing to paint 54mm troops to fill out the orbat for Richard Borg's Tricorne game. This week, I took on the Hessians. I decided to go with plastics to save a bit of money.

The troops I ended up with come from a children's playset (actually two sets). They all have the mitre cap for the grenadiers. Given the cost difference, I decided I could live with regulars in pointy caps and I started painting.

There were some executive decisions required about just where the straps and cuffs started and ended. And I decided to forgo most of the fancy lace. I also ran out of the good sculpts and pressed a few of the nastier sculpts (below) into service. The faces turned out alright.

The problem I was left with was how to model the one unit of grenadiers I needed. I had an extra set of British in bearskins left over. And I found one plate (likely anachronistic) of Prussians in bearskins. Their uniform was white (looked very Austrian) but that was too complex for gamers to keep track of so I gave them blue coats and thus the great compromise of 2017 commenced.

Up next: There is club this Tuesday. And I'm working on more British lights/dragoons while I await the metal Hessian jaegers that I ordered. A large crowd of unpainted US militia is also gathered on the side table.


tim said...

They look great, Bob!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Tim. Looking forward to getting the game and mounting some battles.