Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Hessians are coming!

I'm continuing to paint 54mm troops to fill out the orbat for Richard Borg's Tricorne game. This week, I took on the Hessians. I decided to go with plastics to save a bit of money.

The troops I ended up with come from a children's playset (actually two sets). They all have the mitre cap for the grenadiers. Given the cost difference, I decided I could live with regulars in pointy caps and I started painting.

There were some executive decisions required about just where the straps and cuffs started and ended. And I decided to forgo most of the fancy lace. I also ran out of the good sculpts and pressed a few of the nastier sculpts (below) into service. The faces turned out alright.

The problem I was left with was how to model the one unit of grenadiers I needed. I had an extra set of British in bearskins left over. And I found one plate (likely anachronistic) of Prussians in bearskins. Their uniform was white (looked very Austrian) but that was too complex for gamers to keep track of so I gave them blue coats and thus the great compromise of 2017 commenced.

Up next: There is club this Tuesday. And I'm working on more British lights/dragoons while I await the metal Hessian jaegers that I ordered. A large crowd of unpainted US militia is also gathered on the side table.


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    1. Thanks Tim. Looking forward to getting the game and mounting some battles.