Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dismounted 54mm dragoons

I had a bit of time to do some painting this week and I finished of a bunch of dismounted British dragoons in order to complete the mounted units I'll need for Tricorne.

I had four guys from A Call to Arms. I needed two more so I borrowed two fellows from a Revell box (I've painted these sculpts in 1/72 from Imex).

I had to scrape the "liberty" lettering off the front of the Revell caps. They will do as filler. I just needed some extra bodies that more or less finished off the units.

My vision for mounted units is one or two fellows on horse and the rest of the unit on foot. Some of that is about how many 54mm figures I can get in a 4-inch hex. And some is about cost and how much I loathe painting cavalry in this scale.

Up next: Some extra 54mm British lights and provincial infantry are drying. These figures will finish off some units in the Tricorne orbat. Then I have some highlanders in kilts and some Hessian jaegers. And then a whole mess of militia! The end is in sight. Tuesday is club night so I'm hopeful I'll get to play some more gangsters.

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Phil said...

Wonderful job, they look superb, I love the expressive faces...