Friday, July 3, 2015

Longstreet lessons: Cavalry charges don't work so well...

Bruce and I played the fourth game of our nine-game Longstreet campaign this week, with the south being the attacker. We rolled the same scenario (attacker sneaks up on the defender thus the firing lines are blocked by standing crops. We've decided not to accept this roll again in order to get some diversity of terrain.

The south deployed with cavalry on the right and infantry on the left with the guns covering the centre. Bruce completely hooped by cavalry with some surprise bad going and then drawing one unit right in front of his deployed infantry.

Note to south, don't charge infantry with cavalry. The right southern flank basically started to fold up.

Things were going better on the left with a clear advance towards some damaged units.

I tried to buy time by "refusing" the right but that was basically a terrible bit of tactics on my part and both cavalry units were wiped out.

Bruce won a handy victory for the north and I think I need to emplace my guns more carefully.

Up next: Longstreet will go on a short summer hiatus. I have been doing some painting in the basement and the club is Tuesday night. I may also try to interest Jessica in a game at some point. I also keep thinking I should spend some time building and priming some models for winter painting while the weather is nice enough for easy spray painting.

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