Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 21 club night

We had 11 guys out at the club last night including newcomer Ian. Dave brought out his recently competed 10mm ACW troops and hosted Phil and Guy in a game, the name of which I can't recall.

It certainly looked pretty. Scott and Jonathan played a game of the new Commands & Colours WW1 (which I did not get a picture of).

I offered a Memoir '40 game but there were no takers so I ended up playing in Terry's Zombicide campaign with Chen, Larry, Bruce and Slippery Ian.

Things started out rough for the survivors (frigging zombie birds...).

Then they got rougher. I think we played the game reasonably well. Obtaining the scenario objectives (basically searching until the right three item cards are drawn) is tough and frustrating. The item deck is huge. The upside is that you get to shoot a lot of damned zombies.

And more zombies (I'm the guy on the right, below).

And more zombies I didn't count search actions but there were a lot and we only found one of the items before sheer zombie numbers forced us to abandon the objectives and just try to exit the board.

Up next: I have a 172-scale Brit artillery piece I've finished up.


Terry Silverthorn said...

Thanks for playing Bob! As to what lies in store for the Zombicide Campaign, you ain't seen nothing yet! Your welcome to continue the carnage!

Dave said...

The ACW game was Altar of Freedom and the scenario Pea Ridge. Good set of fast-play grand tactical rules - this encounter ended in a draw.

Andrew Bruce said...

Very nice indeed

Take care