Sunday, May 17, 2015

British 8th Army

Terry's crawlspace yielded up a couple of boxes of British 8th Army troops. Some are Esci soft plastic and some are a harder plastic set. There are also a few Matchbox guys thrown in. All told, there are 63 of these guys--36 based in fours and the rest as singles.

I'd forgotten how good the Esci detail was and how frustrating the soft plastic's paint repelling qualities could be. These are sealed six ways to Sunday so I'm hopeful they will survive!

I recall that the fellow who introduced me into WW2 gaming in the mid-80s used green stuff to turn the hard plastic figures into NW Europe Canadians by adding pant legs and sleeves. This was impressive at the time (green stuff was a big city product you had to go to Edmonton to get!). In retrospect, I think using the Airfix bBitish army figures would have been a lot less work!

Up next: I have a Panzerjager 1 in France 1940 colours underway. Not sure If I will do more WW2 or maybe turn my attention back to some HO-scale buildings.


  1. They look great - wonderful work in 1/72.

  2. Thanks Dean. Nice sculpts plus a wash yield good results even for hacks like me. For my next trick, I will be scratch building treads for two matchbox kits where the original treads hardened and disintegrated. That should be an interesting test of my patience and knowledge of german obscenities...

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  4. Hi,

    Nice force you painted ! I'm currently building a 8th army myself, and I'm wondering how the italeri 6077set (same as esci 207) compare in size with the esci hard plastic 8019 set ? thank you

  5. ps : I'm asking because I cannot recognize the hard plastic esci figures on your pics ?


    1. Thanks for your note. You know, this was so long ago I'm not sure I could pick out the figures from each set any more. Sorry!