Sunday, March 15, 2015

25mm Star Trek crew

One of my favourite parts of the hobby is the asynchronous "my junk for your junk" exchanges that happen between gamers. This time, Mark in Calgary sent me (via Dave) a bunch of 25mm Star Trek figures. No idea of the manufacturer but a fun diversion. Man, after 54mm figures, 25mm goes fast!

There were nine figures in the bag and no obvious (beyond gender) figures for specific characters. On the top we have Spock, Kirk, McCoy and Scotty. The McCoy figure looks more Spock to me but the rest of the men had phasers (which I don't recall McCoy ever carrying) so the only tricorder figure was McCoy by default.

The next batch included Sulu, Uhura, generic red shirt with communicator (whom I image saying "no, looks totally safe, send down the bridge officers"), Chekov and Yeoman Janice Rand (whose outfit colour I couldn't recall while I was painting. She could have also been Nurse Chapel if I'd gone blue. These came with a black undercoat. I thought about repriming white but most of the figure is black so a white primer would have meant a lot of frustrating hand-shading.

These match the 25mm Star Wars figures I have almost exactly (slight base height difference). I had no idea what to do with the bases. An Earthy green ground cover would like have been more practical but I like the martian red I went with.


Anonymous said...

Bob, I'm so glad to see these painted. I bought them from Matakashi's Tea House. They were the only place that I could find, that sold them. I was intending to buy the old plastic shuttlecraft on eBay too. Anyway, it was a momentary fancy and i knew you would do appreciate them. They look great.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Mark. I'm sure they will get some action. Currently working out the rules for Power Legion and finishing up Gotham. I imagine it could stand in for various Star Trek away mission locales.