Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gotham buildings update

Last weekend I picked up a few HO-scale railway buildings at a model train swap meet to fill out Gotham for a superheroes game I plan to run one day. I got three buildings for $20.

A bit of spray paint and drybrushing wand washing helped out these coal and water towers. I see the 1940s sign I put on the water tower has "glared" out.

I did a similar job on this warehouse.

Overall, a pretty decent piece in the end. Hey, who let the Mad Hatter on the roof?

Up next: Back to some serious 15mm WW2 building, starting tonight The temp is going up so I will be spray priming to beat the band this weekend.


Scott M said...

Wow. It really is a night and day difference between the before and after. They look really good.

Bob Barnetson said...

Yeah, a bit of paint does a lot. Any ten-year-old could pull this off. But happy to get some cheap cast offs.

Tony said...

Nice looking terrain.


Sean said...

The buildings look great, a good bargain too.