Tuesday, November 11, 2014

54mm AWI Rebel General

Last week a big order of 54mm AWI troops arrived from All the King's Men. I have primed the figures but mostly set them aside for some Xmas painting. I couldn't resist doing the mounted general, though.

This is a huge figure (below compared to a 1/72 horse) and quite fun to paint. I seem to be leaning more towards a toy soldier (rather than display quality) look. I did do the eyes (including whites) but only the pupils seem to have survive the wash.

The sculpting is quite fine and there are almost no casting lines to remove. The camera picked this fellow out as a face when I started to take pictures. I learned quite a lot on this figure--interesting how a different scale presents different challenges.

Up next: I'm working on the HO-scale Gotham buildings I picked up on the weekend. After than, it will be back to more 15mm WW2.

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