Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Now back to regular programming

Apologies for the lack of updates last week. Work took me to Florida where I tacked a few days of vacation onto a conference. I ran across of couple of cool gaming-related things. Just down the river from my hotel in Tampa was a Liberty Ship. Note the lady taking water samples by the yellow tie downs for a sense of scale.

I also saw some cool terrain making at Universal Studios. Hogwarts is as impressive as the ride is vomit inducing. Weird that I have no issues with actual motion-based rides (coasters, flumes and what have you), but rides that mix IMAX with simulated motion make me so queasy. The day before I almost blew chunks in the kiddie-friendly Simpson's ride.

The coolest stop, though, was Legoland. Sure, the colours are cartoonish and the proportions make GW sculptors look like Michelangelo. But damn a five-foot Lego guard is cool!

The Lego displays were also amazing. This Pirate-era town includes moving ships. These are immense (not scaled to the current minifigs but much larger--maybe 1/40-scale?) and detailed.

As they come near the town, the fortress fires upon them (you can just see some of the "smoke" from a cannon).

There are also large Star Wars themed-exhibits. Here some Gungans die (hurray!).

While below Vader plots an ambush on Endor.

Back after a hellish flight, real gaming stuff is underway with a rare warm day meaning it is time to prime and base coat. Here das Auto Park awaits detailing.

Up next: I'll start on some 15mm WW2 tanks this week and then switch to some 1/72-scale Imperial Romans. Then back to some more 15mm WW2. And perhaps I'll get a game in!


  1. Have you been to the Downtown Disney area where the Lego store is? The stuff outside that is just plain spectacular.

  2. No, missed downtown Disney (such a huge place) but the offerings at Legoland were also pretty amazing!