Wednesday, November 6, 2013

EWG Club Night November 5

We had nine guys out at the club last night and three games ran. Dennis joined me in a game of 1775 Rebellion, wherein the British won (first time for a British win!). Below you can see the end game. The British drove down from the north and eventually conquered New England and then landed in Delaware (which they had been kicked out of). No southern campaign to speak of.

Neal and Dan Battlelored it. No idea how this went but they were on their second game when I left.

Bruce hosted Dave, Scott, Kevin and Terry in a naval game, the name of which completely slips my mind at the moment. Lovely ships.

Things were getting heated when I left with ships losing masts and the lines starting to get messy. Shortly after the picture was taken, the left line started to cross over in front of the right line. Flying Colors might have been the name.

Up next: Day three of the WW2 fast build is under way. Decal and detailing bases is nearly complete--just need some time with the glue and flock.

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