Thursday, February 28, 2013

More square bashing

Bruce hosted me in another game of Square bashing by Peter Pig. This time we tried Turks versus whomever Bruce was playing (Arabs?). We had thought a different theatre would result in a more open game but I gimmicked the terrain to channel his attack to my left.

And attack he did, rushing across the board and pushing my poor guys off the hill, off the objective and off the board. Then his dice-rolls turned poopy and none of his reinforcements arrived for the whole game. I was able to  ecover the hill, repel a couple of attacks and win a handy victory. It is good to be lucky!

Up next: I have a bunch of stuff under way. A couple of 15mm WW2 objectives are built and being based. As one is a truck that has fallen through some ice, I'm having to learn as I go. Fingers crossed! I also have a 1/72 Imperial Roman army underway--some Strelets legionnaires are almost based and some light troops are ready to prime. And I am chipping away on some superhero buildings.

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