Saturday, February 16, 2013

FS painted TOS/TMP Federation Fleet 1/3700

I have for sale a painted, 1/3700 Star Trek The Original Series/The Motion Picture Fleet. These are a mix of metal and plastic figures. All have magnets glued to the bottom so they can sit on black washers which disappear into the black playing cloth. The washers are not a part of this lot (to save on shipping).

There are four Constitution class cruisers and one light cruiser. These make up the core of the fleet. They are supported by a mix of heavier ships (below) includeing a cruiser, battle tug and dreadnaught.

There are also some slight ships, including two destroyer flotillas based around a light cruiser.

There are also five Excelsior class ships for some TMP punch.

A couple of extra ships, including a TMP Enterprise and two kit bashes.

There are a bunch of cargo and passenger transports as well as two more warships.

Finally, there are five ships that you  can paint yourself!

All in 48 ships here ready to hit the table. I'd like $250 (including postage in Canada or the US) for this fleet. If you also buy the Klingon Fleet I have for sale, I'll throw in a 4x6 Hotz star mat (hexed) for free. Offer to

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