Saturday, February 16, 2013

FS painted 1/3700 TOS/TMP Klingon fleet

I have for sale a painted 1/3700 Klingon fleet from Star Trek The Original Series/The Motion Picture. These are a mix of plastic and metal figures. Each miniature has a magnet attached which allows it to grab a black washer base. These disappear into the black gaming cloth. The washers are not a part of this sale (as shipping that much metal is too expensive!).

The fleet includes four small warbirds (D-5s?) in metal (above) and three plastic D-7 warbirds below. These seven ships pose a good challenge to any Federation admiral.

There are also three metal larger ships, including the nightmarish B-10 (below, right) which can take on an entire Federation fleet itself.

Finally there are some smaller ships to plunder transports and harry the flanks.

All in there are 14 ships and I'd like $100 (including shipping in Canada or the US). If you also buy the Federation Fleet I have for sale, I will throw in a 6x4 Hotz space may (hexed) for free. Offers to .



are the two fleets still for sale, my email is

Event Horizon said...

Well I am only 8 years too late to pick this up :-)