Sunday, December 23, 2012

Progress on superhero terrain board

I spent some time this morning painting some 15mm cavalry and made quite a lot of progress. As these dry and ready themselves for detailing, I turned my attention back to the superhero terrain boards.

I painted on sidewalks and crosswalks and then I washed and sealed the entire board to dirty it up a bit. Cutting the acrylic paint for the sidewalks with future allowed me to get a watercolour effect when I painted each panel on. It also enhanced the flow. Then a wash overtop added some grit. I will probably spray on a flat sealer when I get a chance.

I then cut a piece of grass to fit and built a park in the middle of the board to see how things looked with a bit terrain. If you image some 1940s-style buildings in the background, I think the effect is going to be just fine. The joint between the two boards is nearly invisible.

So I guess the next step is to start building some buildings! There are 15 in the railroad town box I picked up. We'll see how much time I get over the next few days to start building.

Up next: A unit of 15mm cavalry should finish up in a day or two. Then onto more 15mm cavalry before New Year's and the end of this commission. Maybe also some gaming when Bruce gets back.


  1. Board is looking good Bob, it will even work for some Gangsters, Pulp, WW2 Cityfighting, the list goes on....

  2. Thanks! Yes, that is what I was thinking too. I noticed I didn't put in any manhole covers on the streets. I wonder if I should paint them on or have movable ones? Painted will be easier to game on (reason I didn't do an elevation change for sidewalks).

  3. Looks ace. Reminds me of a 3d version of the game maps that used to come with the MSRPG game.

  4. Thanks! I'm quite excited to see this start to develop into more 3-d as the buildings start to come together.