Thursday, December 20, 2012

FS painted 28mm Norman Army


I have for sale a painted 28mm Norman army. These are based on a 60mm frontage so work for HoTT, DBA, and Dux Bellorum. They could also be double based for Impetus, fudged for Hail Caesar or popped off their bases (all have integral bases) for WAB or SAGA.

There are 86 foot, 25 mounted and one aerial figures. These were built for DBA so they make may Norman-esque DBA armies. The price of the bare lead (unpainted) is about $125. I'm asking $150 plus postage (about $35 in Canada or the US because the metal figures are heavy). These are from a smoke- and pet-free home.

There are 8 bases of mounted: 7 bases have three riders each and one base has two riders. These are plastic Conquest Miniatures Normans. Shields are hand painted.

The core of the army are 12 bases of metal four-man foot units. These are predominantly Old Glory and about half have decalled shields (rest are hand painted).

There are 2 bases of metal seven-man hordes. A couple of these guys are armoured but most are bare-headed peasants.

There is a metal war wagon with a plastic rider and metal runner alongside. No idea who makes the wagon but there are two metal figures on board.

There are 3 bases of two-man skirmishers (combination of crossbows and spears). I'd use these as psiloi in DBA.

There are also 3 bases of missile troops with four shooters per base (all crossbow).

For those playing HoTT (or other games with heroes/leaders) there is 1 base with a hero standing on a small rise with a musician playing the lute as well as 1 base of three warriors with spears.

Finally, there is a murder of crows (or a glutter of ravens) as an aerial unit.

Offers to If you buy both this army ($150) and the Saxon army ($100) I have up for sale, the shipping cost drops to $50 and I will throw in a copy of Dux Bellorum.


fireymonkeyboy said...

How many armies have you got tucked away, anyhow? Looks great.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. I have a fair bunch of armies but I'm now getting down into the "reasonably possible to play with" range!