Thursday, December 20, 2012

FS painted 28mm Saxon Army


I have for sale a painted 28mm Saxon army. This was originally built for DBA and HoTT but the 60mm frontages would also work for Dux Bellorum, Impetus and Hail Caesar (the latter two with some fudging). All of the figures have integral bases so you could also easily dismount (short soak will loosen the glue) if you wanted to play WAB or SAGA.

The army comprises 64 foot, 6 mounted and three aerial figures. The bare "metal" cost of these figures is about $75. I would like $100 for them plus $25 postage (in Canada or the US). These are from a smoke- and pet-free home.

The bulk of the army comprises 12 four-man bases of foot. These are Wargames Factory Saxons (some armoured, some not) with handpainted shields. There also appear to be a few Old Glory metals and at least one GW LotR figure in here.

There are also 2 three-horse bases of cavalry. These are Conquest Games Normans with round shields and heads from Wargames Factory.

There are also 2 seven-man bases of hordes and 1 two-man base of skirmishers (psiloi in DBA).

Finally, to give this army some additional mobility in HoTT, there are three bases of plastic war hawks.

Offers to If you buy both this army ($100) and the Norman army ($150) I have up for sale, the shipping cost drops to $50 and I will throw in a copy of Dux Bellorum.

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