Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lundy's Lane Redux

I replayed the Lundy's Lane scenario from the club a few weeks back using DBHx. Bruce dropped by and I was keen to see how DBHx handled things differently than For Honor and Glory.

American "General Hilfiger" opened the game by throwing out a flanking probe on his right to see if he could unhinge the British grip on the hill. A nasty firefight ensued that stalled things for him.

Eventually his reinforcements came on and marched forward. At this point, things were looking bad for the British, whose own reinforcements were still several turn away.

A lucky shot, decapitated the reinforcement's command structure and also caused them to test on the optional morale chart we were using and they stalled. Had I risked a long-odds shot at Bruce's other general, I could have completely crippled his command structure but instead I popped a militia unit.

Undeterred, Bruce surged forward onto the hill as my reinforcements appeared and night fell (no more shooting attacks). My original command held out just long enough for the reinforcements to get to the hill before failing their morale roll and beating a retreat. But the weight of the reinforcements was too much, pushing back and breaking the intact American command before wheeling right to dispatch the leaderless American reinforcements.

An almost historical result that would have been better had the British reinforcements been forced to come in from various points on the board. Comparing DBHX and For Honor and Glory, I'd say DBHx emphasized the war while For Honour and Glory emphasized the game. Neither was superior--just a different feel.

Up next: A WW1 tank is based and drying. Some 15mm Greeks are done and more are underway. And I need to pull out Pandemic and read the rules for the club next week.


tim said...

Great looking game! (hmmm... I have some Napoleonic British somewhere that I could... DOH!)

WW1 tank!? What scale!? What for!?

Bob Barnetson said...

Tim: Thanks. Yes, it was good. Noted a couple of musket barrels wit the paint chipping (arrrgh) but otherwise the 1812 guys have been holding up well and looking pretty good.

The WW1 tank is 1/76. It is the first of several units for a HiTT (Hordes in the Trenches) army I'm doing. I got a large number of 1/76 WW1 Brits in a trade so thought this would be an interesting army to build.