Saturday, August 13, 2011

15mm zombies

Back from vacation and I finished off a small commission of 15mm zombies. No idea of the manufacturer.

There were 70 zombies in about 11 poses. Based on the number of firemen, cops and hookers, the infection must have started during an annual emergency services conference at a bordello.

I did what I could do with paint to reduce the sameness issue with multiple single-poses. This large lady has two floral mumus in addition to the figures shown below. The basing was a specific request: plain grey over top the integral base set upon a tiny washer. I assume this is to match a "concrete-jungle" theme.

There were also four survivors, including dude with a knife (which reminds me of a saying...), two office workers and chick dressed appropriately.

Up next: I have been working on some 28mm renaissance figures. I put this army off because the painting was intimidating but I'm making good progress. I have four Germanic knight-types done and being based. More knights and some mounted pistoleers are next. I also have some 1/72 AWI Americans primed with the flesh done but I am stalled on these.


  1. I believe the zombies are from Rebel Minis.

  2. ...and you call me a "machine"!? Dude, you are a one-man, slave labour, sweat shop!

  3. Thanks Scott!

    Tim: Yes, these went fairly fast. The 28mm renaissance guys are a bit slower!