Sunday, August 14, 2011

28mm Renaissance Germans

A long-delayed project is a 28mm plastic renaissance army for play with DBA-RRR and HoTT. I've finally gotten a move on and am enjoying the more complex and colourful outfits. An upcoming horseman has pink, yellow and baby-blue--not as horrible as it sounds!

These bases are German gendarmes. I believe they are GW Empire troops I got in a trade from Dave. Although lance-based horse were not big in this period (as far as I can tell), these are quite nice models thus I will find a place for them. They can be an allied contingent for the more Italian-looking foot troops I have.

Up next: I have another three bases of gendarme underway. I am also working on some mounted handgunners which are also GW figures that I think I got on TMP. And I have assembled and am painting a rather stupid-looking GW Empire volley gun as an artillery piece. Plus I need to get my War of 1812 game together for the club on Tuesday.

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