Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 7 Club Night

It was the first club night of autumn and we had nine guys out. Elliot and Kevin played a game of Warmachine (or Hordes--I dunno) but I neglected to take a picture of it. I did grab a couple of shots of Dave C and Scott giving WHFB 8th Ed a go.

There was much complaining up Scott's amazing die rolls but I think his tomb kings lost in the end anyhow. Damn, GW figures give me the giggles--what a fantastically ridiculous tank this is. I have one in 10mm and even at that scale it was a hoot.

Bruce, Barry, Andy, Chen and I played two games of Shadows Over Camelot. I've become quite taken with cooperative games this summer after spending an enjoyable evening playing Pandemic and then much of the past two weeks playing Forbidden Island with my daughter.

Overall, a good night, including some hilarious mutual accusation ("No, you're the traitor!") when indeed there was no traitor in any of the games! What a tough game to beat even with some (I think) experienced gamers around the table. If there had been a traitor, we would have been hosed.

Up next: A 15mm Aitolian DBA army is drying and I will post pictures tomorrow before shipping. I have a few 28mm figures primered and I'm awaiting two big commissions to be delivered. The next report will probably be of the DBA campaign that starts next Tuesday.


adeptgamer said...

I have played SOC with my 11 year old sons and it is a hard game to beat. But I like cooperative games that are hard to beat, more of a challenge.

Sztiletto said...

That tank was created like 15 years ago! Maybe you like the new one: