Monday, August 30, 2010

More 28mm Medievals

Although autumnal tasks kept me from painting much this weekend, I did finish some more medievals for my 28mm DBA/HoTT army.

I knocked off the last two knights I need for the DBA list I'm working towards. One of these guys needs a standard so we can tell it is the general stand--perhaps tonight if I get a moment.

As I had two extra knight figures, I based them up as heroes. Dang, I am tired of painting knights! As you can perhaps tell from the uninspired paint jobs. The fellow on the left is a minor conversion--I swapped out the lance for a big-ass sword. Typical of the Zvezda figures I took the sword from, the hand/pommel piece is separate from the hilt/blade piece. That was a hassle to get straight--why would anyone build a set like that? If I ever wanted a separate blade or hand, I could cut them apart. But why make everyone glue them together?

I did two 4Bw bases. The one in king's livery is for the list and the other group of peasant bow is for some extra flexibility in HoTT. While the Zvezda figures fill a gap in the existing 28mm plastics ranges, they are a lot of work to paint when compared to the GW Bretonnians. It is hard to describe, other than the Zvezda are just plain fiddly.

I also did two bases of psiloi, one for DBA and one extra for HoTT (as I had some left-over figures).

Finally, I based up a Heroscape dragon for kicks. I have left a cleric for the HoTT side and (I think) an artillery piece for the DBA army, both of which I am waiting on. That will leave a few extras so I might do another unit of spear or two and a foot hero for HoTT.

Up next: A 15mm late Roman DBA army is underway along with some DBA terrain. Then maybe some 28mm legionnaires for a camp I have been dithering on finishing.


Dave said...

Sounds like you had mixed feelings about the Zvezda figs, sorry for that. They have nice flexibility but are more fiddly and less robust than GW.

However, I can field WOTR/HYW English or pointy Swiss army to meet your Ordonnance when you see fit.

Bob Barnetson said...

Dave: They are really the only plastics that fit the bill right now so no need to be sorry. They are just not as slick as the GW stuff. Kind of like Old Glory 15mm versus Corvus Belli 15mm. Both are fine but the Old glory is a bit trickier to paint.

Yes, a fight would be great. Will be awaiting artillery for another week or so but hopefully by the end of September. Fear the power of 2x8Bw!