Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Club Night: August 3

Last night was club night with 11 guys out and three games running. Dave, Mark and Scott game WHFB 8th Edition a trial run. I've no idea how it turned out but I recall someone say "the dice just deserted us" so that sounds like it was good for someone! I believe it was Empire v Tomb Kings.

Chen, Justin and Andy played a game of Nuts (15mm, eastern front) with the Germans sporting a used T-34.

I hosted Barry, Terry, Cory and visitor Steve in two games of 6mm AWI. I used the hex-game Clash for a Continent as the rules and we played out Cowpens and Guilford's Courthouse. In the first game, the British could do no right and could certainly not win a combat to save their lives. They were stopped at the second line as the Americans just retreated away from them and inflicted a thousand cuts.

The second game saw the British roll high and swing out two pincers, eventually working around the left flank of the Americans and rolling it up. Average dice for the Americans and great British dice meant the American could never really slow up the British.

Next club night is August 17th.

Up next: Some 28mm medievals and then some skeletons.

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