Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last of the 28mm Skeletons!

finished basing the last of the 28mm skeletons. This includes three bases of riders, each with two figures.

What I like about these figures is the detail the emerges when you consider the figure some. Like the hole in this fellow's ribs.

I also based up nine shooters.

Up next: A DBA battle report tomorrow, some medieval figures and a painting guide of sorts on Tuesday and then some 15mm AWI. Thereafter, some 15mm dwarves and rebasing my DBA vikings for an upcoming campaign. Then who knows whatelse.


  1. Thanks! I quite enjoyed painting these--easy work and they look pretty good for the effort involved.

  2. Looks great Bob! How many units of the dead do you have now?

  3. Somewhere around 35 units. I plan to sell off some of these bases (likely a HoTT army worth) once I figure out what I want to keep for my own.