Saturday, February 27, 2021

More gangsters

A small clutch of Pulp Figures gangsters for today.


I painted these using more washes than I normally would to mix things up (both as a painter and so the figures look different from the rest of my gangsters). I also tried hard to vary their skin tones.

Mostly I'm happy. I see the guy in the tan jacket (who was supposed to be wearing pin strips) looks like he's wearing PJ bottoms) and the fellow in the brown jacket has a wicked wash pooling issue (totally not visible in person). I see the bases also need a touch up.

I also finished a tiny bit of corrugated sheet metal fencing that came with some model train stuff I bought who knows when.

Up next: More gangsters, I think, since I'm on a roll.

1 comment:

Simon Quinton said...

Cracking job on them all Bob! Really nice sculpts from PF as well.